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So, what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application that uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to respond and perform actions based on input from a live person via a chat program like Facebook Messenger.

Our chatbots aren’t designed to replace human interaction. They effectively help start meaningful conversations with thousands of your school’s alumni and intuitively guide them to donation, membership, and more.

Conversation Marketing For Alumni

Messenger Chatbots Are Built to Engage

Users in Messenger

Average Open Rates

CTRs Compared to Email

Why Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the #1 messaging app in the world with over 1 billion active users. User engagement on Messenger significantly exceeds traditional social, email, and all other digital marketing channels. The Messenger platform averages 80% open rates and 10x click rates compared to email.

And best of all, Messenger is where the largest concentration of YOUR university’s alumni are paying the most attention. 

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Alumni Marketing Engagement

Messenger vs. Email

Open Rates

Messenger 80%
Email 15%

Click-Through Rates

Messenger 30%
Email 3%
Alumni Marketing Experts

Turnkey Chatbot Campaigns

Our expert team of alumni marketers will fully develop a turnkey chatbot driven Messenger marketing campaign that will engage with your alumni and align with association goals.

Step 1: Your Alumni Association's Goals

We'll meet with you to learn about your association's goals and what you want to accomplish with a chatbot driven alumni marketing campaign.

Step 2: Quick Campaign Development

Once we have your program goals, our team of alumni marketing experts will get to work developing your turnkey chatbot campaign and build it based on your university's brand standards. Our campaigns can focus on day of giving donation drives, membership drives, contact updates, and more!

Step 3: Client Testing and Review

Once our internal quality compliance team has reviewed and approved your chatbot campaign, we'll allow you access to test and approve all details of the campaign.

Step 4: Activating Your Campaign

Once you approve your chatbot campaign, we'll activate everything and start driving your institution's alumni to your chatbot via Facebook Ads, email, and your website.

Step 5: Initial Monitoring and Analysis

During the first 30 days, our alumni marketing experts will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments to optimize the results. We'll keep you informed of any updates that we recommend.

Step 6: Monthly Reporting

Each month, we'll provide a report that outlines your chatbots performance and share new opportunities to engage and activate your alumni that our team identifies from your results.

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Alumni Marketing

Features and Benefits

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages

Send broadcast messages directly to your alumni's mobile devices and generate 80% read rates.
Grow Alumni Data

Grow Alumni Data

In addition to connecting your alumni to Messenger, we'll collect their email addresses and other useful data points.
Reduce Advertising Costs

Reduce Advertising Costs

Messenger campaigns are significantly more cost effective than offline print or other digital advertising sources.
Quick-Start Campaigns

Quick-Start Campaigns

Our team of alumni marketing experts will deliver a turnkey chatbot campaign that will produce results for your institution.
Reach New Alumni

Reach New Alumni

Facebook's powerful Ad platform allows us to target over 70% of your alumni base and connect them directly to your chatbot.
Automated Nurture Messaging

Automated Nurture Messaging

Keep the conversation going with automated messaging based on time and alumni attributes.
Connect with Millennials

Connect with Millennials

Young alumni prefer the convenience of online messaging. Capture their attention and start meaningful conversations.
Conversations from Comments

Conversations from Comments

Start relevant Messenger conversations with alumni who comment on your Facebook page posts based on keywords.
24/7 Alumni Support

24/7 Alumni Support

Seamlessly pass alumni from your chatbot to a live customer service representative for personalized assistance.

Conversation marketing using chatbots on the Messenger platform (and beyond) is the biggest opportunity for brands to effectively engage their customers where they are paying the most attention.
Bryan Bruce – CEO, Your Brand Voice

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Your Alumni Love Using Facebook Messenger!

Did you know that users of messaging apps have surpassed social networks? It’s true! More people (i.e. your alumni) are spending time on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp than all other social media websites combined.

Shift your marketing strategy to where your alumni are paying the most attention and spending the most time – Facebook Messenger.

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  • 30 Day, No Obligation Program
  • 250 Reachable Alumni
  • Basic Chatbot Script
  • Connected to Your Facebook Page
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Monthly Reporting
$ 499 / mo
  • 5,000 Connected Alumni
  • Premium Chatbot Script*
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Connected to Your Facebook Page
  • Monthly Strategy Consultation
  • Monthly Reporting
$ 899 / mo
  • 10,000 Connected Alumni
  • Comprehensive Chatbot Campaign*
  • Digital Nurture Integration
  • Connected to Facebook Page & Website
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis
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